X-Men ’97 fans are shocked to learn Cyclops once threatened a cosmic god and won

Fans are in awe of one particularly impressive Cyclops moment, celebrating when the X-Men leader stood up to a cosmic deity and won in Judgment Day.

In the wake of X-Men ‘97, a surprising consensus has emerged: Cyclops is cool!

Long-time X-Men fans are feeling vindicated, though. They’ve always thought Cyclops was cool, and now everyone is finally getting to see it. Case in point: a Reddit thread discussing his pivotal moment from the 2022 event A.X.E.: Judgment Day.

The thread, started by JPitamus on the Marvel subreddit, is titled “That one time when Cyclops was facing judgment.” and features pages of Cyclops squaring off against the Progenitor, a Celestial being who was going to destroy the world unless humanity passed his incredibly strict standards for judgment.

Cyclops has a particularly badass interaction with the Progenitor. He tells it in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t recognize the Progenitor’s authority and, therefore, that it cannot judge him. In fact, the only person who can judge him is his wife, Jean Grey, whom he happily offers to introduce to the Progenitor.

“That one time when Cyclops was facing judgement” — X-Men #14 (2022) byu/JPitamus inMarvel

“Look at Cyclops walking and talking like he’s The Rock (from WWE) lol!” Jpitamus says. “I’m still shocked that Steve ‘Captain America’ Rogers was given the thumbs down though lol”

Other fans had a similar reaction, highlighting it as one of the best Cyclops’ moments in recent history.

“Saying ‘I don’t recognize your authority’ to a cosmic power is one of the most Scott Summers things ever.” user Mongoose42 said.

“This is why I love Cyclops, zero f**** given,” spideyjiri added, “he has ALWAYS fought against authority, why should this be any different?”

“When did he get such a massive pair of balls?” fluffynuckels asked, to which troubleyoucalldeew replied, “A case could be made for Whedon’s Astonishing run. Specifically ‘I want this thing off my lawn’”

“Scott really went ‘Don’t care + Didn’t ask + Ask my wife + L venue’” AlphariusUltra added.

Interest in Cyclops stems from the X-Men ‘97 premiere episode, in which he uses his optic blasts in ways that animation has typically shied away from. The episode has awakened a renewed interest in Cyclops, who has typically been seen as a stoic and boring character dating back to his earliest appearances.

New episodes of X-Men ‘97 air Wednesdays on Disney+.

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