BTOB Sungjae Opens up About Grueling Music Show Demands — ’For 4 Min Appearance, We Had to Leave…’

In a candid discussion on singer Jung Jae-hyung’s YouTube show, Yook Sungjae, renowned for his dual roles as an actor and a member of K-pop sensation BTOB, offered insights into the relentless pace of his professional life.

Yook Sungjae unveiled the intricate planning required for what seems like a fleeting moment in the spotlight. To execute a mere three to four-minute appearance on a music show, he disclosed that preparations necessitated an astonishing ten-hour lead time.

The whirlwind doesn’t end with the performance. Between rehearsals for music shows, the multifaceted artist juggles a myriad of commitments, including fan sign events and mini fan meet-ups.

Following the show, the cycle continues as they dash to various other engagements, with the routine persisting day after day.

BTOB Sungjae
BTOB Sungjae(Photo : instagram)
BTOB Sungjae
BTOB Sungjae(Photo : Youtube)

Resilience in the Face of Exhaustion

Despite the physical and mental toll of such demanding schedules, Yook Sungjae emphasized his unwavering dedication to his craft.

BTOB Sungjae
BTOB Sungjae(Photo : Youtube)

Acknowledging the fervent support of his fans, he reflected on the sight of devoted admirers eagerly awaiting his arrival at music show venues.

Their unyielding enthusiasm serves as a driving force, propelling him forward through the challenges inherent in his profession.

“I’m incredibly thankful for the energy they give me,”Yook Sungjae remarked, underscoring his commitment to delivering his best performance for his devoted fanbase, regardless of the obstacles.

A Grateful Heart

As he reminisced about his journey, Yook Sungjae expressed profound gratitude for the steadfast support of fans who have accompanied him throughout his twelve-year career.

From those who cheered him on in their elementary school days to those now attending events with their own children, he acknowledged the enduring bond forged through music and performance.

“The energy they give me is what keeps me going,”he emphasized, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between artist and audience that fuels his passion for his craft.

An Unexpected Path to Acting

Transitioning to his burgeoning acting career, Yook Sungjae revealed that his initial venture into the realm of acting was serendipitous rather than premeditated.

Recalling his audition for KBS’ drama ‘Who Are You: School 2015’, he shared a pivotal moment where he stood up for himself in the face of skepticism surrounding his casting.

BTOB Sungjae
BTOB Sungjae(Photo : Youtube)
BTOB Sungjae
BTOB Sungjae(Photo : Youtube)

Meanwhile, Yook Sungjae, a member of the popular K-pop group BTOB, has officially signed with a new agency, IWill Media. The agency expressed its support for Sungjae’s diverse career in music, acting, and entertainment, ensuring he receives necessary backing to flourish.

Despite joining a new agency, Sungjae will continue promoting with BTOB. Meanwhile, other BTOB members also found new agencies after leaving their previous one, Cube Entertainment.

Changsub signed with Fantagio and will prioritize group activities alongside his solo promotions. This move follows BTOB’s departure from Cube Entertainment after 11 years. Fans anticipate Sungjae’s upcoming solo ventures.

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